The Top 10 Deadliest Snipers in History: Story, techniques, equipment and secrets of the most feared soldiers on the battlefields

The incredible story of the 10 deadliest snipers ever, told at an exciting pace by a by a leading scholar of Military History. Inside the volume you will find:

  • Detailed biographies and trivia for each sniper, giving you the best insight into their world and their stories in the clear;
  • Techniques, armaments and training carefully described to understand this elite unit that has been a fundamental and decisive part of the best-known wars and beyond;
  • Snipers who have entered legend and others less well known whose human and military stories will thrill you with joy, shock in their harshness, and give hours of rewarding reading;
  • Data in the clear, officially released by the Major States of the Armies in the field on the ascertained number of enemy soldiers shot down, the weapons used, and the wars in which they took part;
  • Over 180 pages of action that will keep you glued to the reading until the last page.

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