The Scarlet Plague

This fully annotated edition of "The Scarlet Plague" includes:

  • Introduction by Andrea Larsen
  • the apocalyptic novel by the great genius Jack London
  • an essay on the greatest epidemics in history, from 400 BC to the present day

Jack London's post-apocalyptic novel, written in 1912 was the story that prophesied the great Spanish pandemic, which began only 6 years later. More relevant than ever, it is set in the present day in a world devoured by industry and economics that in the moment of loss violently returns to the Stone Age.

2073, California. James Howard Smith is an old college professor with no tenure but three curious students. Sixty years earlier, a terrible epidemic has almost extinguished the human race, nature has taken over in what were once immense cities and the few survivors live in small communities regressed to the Stone Age. The old professor has remained the only guardian of human knowledge and tries to pass it on to his "students", three boys dressed in skins who hunt game like primitive men and who know only a few of the "difficult" words that the old man uses to tell the story of a humanity that no longer exists.

- The most unsettling post-apocalyptic novel by the great American storyteller Jack London.
- A road trip full of pitfalls, adventures, discoveries, dangers, unforgettable frescoes of an almost extinct race, that of Man...throw yourself now between the pages of this small but exciting booklet to discover the world of 2073!
- The shocking story of a global virus capable of killing millions of people in an unstoppable race and a story of a few survivors who fight every day to stay alive, against the forces of Nature, against the same human beings prey to post-apocalyptic barbarism ...
- An absolutely modern reading of current problems, from issues such as global viruses, to the positive forces of which man is capable of making use of in extreme conditions, to his brutality, to his profound fragility... in a world in chaos that in a very short time takes on another shocking dimension for human beings.
- At the end of the volume the publisher has included an essay on the greatest epidemics in history, from 400 BC to the present day.

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