The Last White Man: and 6 essays on the Bard of Cross Plains

One of the least known but among the most shocking and savage stories written by the father of Heroic Fantasy, Robert Ervin Howard, the same father of legendary characters such as Conan and Kull. An adventure that will drag you at a rapid pace through fierce struggles between races, continents and peoples. An impeccably told narrative in an exciting atmosphere that every Heroic Fantasy and adventure reader cannot miss. A rare little gem to absolutely have on one's bookshelf for all lovers of Robert Ervin Howard's tales, finally in a new and beautifully edited edition.

Inside the volume also a very interesting essay by Andrea Larsen on the mystery about the death of writer R.E.Howard, letters from those who knew the author in person, various unpublished articles, some wonderful original drawings to embellish the work and much more...

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