SIMO HÄYHÄ, The White Death: The incredible true story of the deadliest sniper ever

The untold adventure of the deadliest sniper in history. You will read about the icy lands of Finland where a few brave Finns opposed thousands of Soviet invaders in an exciting and evocative narrative.

Inside the volume you will find:

  • The exciting account of his personal life and his experience of war against the Red Army;
  • The most dangerous missions he successfully faced, described at an exciting pace;
  • All of Simo Häyhä's incredible techniques described in clear detail to illustrate the secrets and methods he used in his missions as an elite sniper;
  • The honours he received, the weapons he used, his personal passions, his commitment after the end of the conflict;
  • How and when he was shot and almost lost his life; his long experience in hospital and the various operations he underwent;
  • Numerous original photographs from the time about the conflict and Simo Häyhä himself;
  • History of the Winter War 1939 -1940 and the Continuation War 1941-1944 little or almost never told in history, school and academic books;
  • Quotes from important authors, journalists present at the conflict, military experts who knew and interviewed him, friends of Simo Häyhä...

A book that history buffs cannot miss!

Andrea Larsen
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