Kennedy Conspiracy: Over 370 shocking facts proving the existence of a conspiracy behind the fatal assassination attempt on President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

An incredible essay by writer Andrea Larsen, former author of the historical volume "Simo Häyhä, The White Death: The Incredible True Story of the Deadliest Sniper Ever," devoted to the tragic end of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and to so many obscure points of the affair, never before addressed in such detail.

A thorough, detailed research work, a sequence of factsdocuments, and testimonies that paint a hallucinating picture behind the tragic event that led to President Kennedy's death and the end of the New Frontier dream. One cannot remain indifferent when reading this sequence of unique elements and shocking data that prove without a doubt the existence of a vast and organized conspiracy moved by the crystalline will to kill Kennedy.

Who organized the assassination attempt? Who actually fired at Kennedy? Which witnesses present at Dealey Plaza were silenced? What was the role of the Mafia? Did a group of Secret Service agents participate in the conspiracy? Who was Lee Harvey Oswald really?

Andrea Larsen
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