Industrial Society and its Future: Unabomber Manifesto

The text written by Theodore John Kaczynski - the man who went down in history as the Unabomber - published exclusively in the New York Times in 1995, now with a beautiful preface by Andrea Larsen, an Italian writer passionate about history and philosophy.
More than 140 pages of analysis, reflections and predictions on our technological-industrial future, which the criminal genius capable of upsetting first America and then the world has managed to assemble in this enlightening text. enlightening text. An absolutely unique writing that still fascinates, interests and scandalizes thousands of people. people even today, a text of a frightening topicality with which we must, inevitably, confront ourselves, because its insights of yesterday are the increasingly distressing truths of our daily lives.

It is a text that knows how to address and develop complex and vital themes such as:
◆ The power of the industrial system over the choices and will of the political apparatuses
◆ The power of the industrial system over the choices and wills of the political apparatus.
◆ The tyrannical power of the big technological companies in every aspect of existence.
◆ The necessary preservation and protection of nature.
◆ The change of social relations in modern society
◆ The mental manipulation of political parties
◆ The historical analysis of various models of existence according to the value or disvalue of human life
◆ Reflections on the value of communities outside the industrial-technological world.
◆ The emergence of diseases and mental problems unknown in the pre-industrial world.
◆ The problem of the abuse of drugs and psychotropic medicines.
◆ The danger of technological control and surveillance.

A text born from an extraordinary mind, from the man who was the youngest student at Harvard University, the youngest to teach at Berkeley, the most hunted man in the history of US manhunts.
The genius, the criminal, the visionary, the hermit, the man. All this in these incredible pages that you will never forget.

Inside the book there are beautiful illustrations.

Andrea Larsen
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