7 Sniper Killers: the true stories of sniper killers

A tight, engaging narrative will transport you inside crime stories about men who became killers as vicious as any. Assassins who wielded some of the most powerful and terrible weapons ever made, long-range precision rifles. This was their story, described in a dry style, with little-known details, with newspapers and television stations around the world reporting on them. Some of their names have become black legends, others simply a sad memory. In any case, they marked and shocked the lives of many because their way of killing was deeply predatory and thoughtful.

  • Detailed biographies, names, dates, analyses, articles, statements...
  • True stories of all the most famous sniper killers in history, from the past to the present day
  • A must-see for lovers of criminological analysis and events but also for fans of out-of-the-box biographies
  • Fact sheets detailing each killer with brief analysis of their modus operandi
  • Article by journalist Massimo Mazzucco inside on the story of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who went down in history as the shooter who killed President Kennedy
  • Second work by author Victor Naumann, former author of the fantastic volume "The 10 Deadliest Snipers in History 

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